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'Optimism' revisited

Island. Composit on canvas, 250 x 350
Last year I painted something to hang on the wall during the passing of the year. No mystical or spiritual meaning added whatsoever. I painted it just to look at.

What is so wonderful about a painting is it's nothing more than a piece of stretched canvas and it can invite you to such a wondrous world. It offers all or nothing or like it or not. Worse, you are not interested.

So the painting was a party piece?

Yes. No.

No, I started to travel into the lines and patches of colour and saw all the irritations. Where help is needed.

Getting rid of these little buggers starts you talking to the Image and a certain game of respect develops and 'Í am the Boss' here. I suppose I am.

If you just read on you will understand who is the Boss between Painter and the Painted. Me, the Boss, the Brushes, God the Holy Father or maybe a knife.


Born in Sydney, Australia

Spends his youth in Indonesia and Iran

Studies at the Royal Academy in The Hague and works in Holland

Works in the Azores

Returns to Holland with frequent exhibitions there as well as in Australia

Lives and works in Portugal

Returns to live in Australia. Travels back and forth between Australia, Holland and Portugal.

More or less settled in Australia.

Moves to Cairns in tropical north Queensland.

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Youth Week Winner

(Photo on right: 2007 Youth Week poster competition winner Kyra Perry with judge Paul Bakker and Armidale CDAT chairperson Peter Blanche).

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