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Bloody toe and objet trouvé

I haven't written on my blog for some time now and had the idea to write about:  objet trouvé, the things I found on our daily walk with the dogs. Little plastic toys, big and tiny teddy bears, tiny dolls, even a stuffed donkey.

Here some photos of the objet trouvé and my blue bag and I with my painting in the garden (click to enlarge):

Objects found on our daily walks with our dogs.   Paul and patient in garden. Photo by Clemens Objects found in the park on our daily walks with our dogs # 2












Then something happened.

Shadows, real and of the past

Just started working on my 5th booklet called 'Paul Bakker and Mistakes'.

It will be made public soon.

Sitting outside the other week I saw a beautiful shadow on the inside wall of the gazebo we have in the garden.

It was of Clemens talking to son Casper. I took a photo and then Clemens took a photo of my shadow.      Paul and little finger shadowplay











Shadows left: Clemens and Casper. Right: Paul and little finger.

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