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Clemens constructing canvas

Clemens constructing canvas

Last Painting

My last painting, my last cigarette and my last cold frothy cool beer.My last cigarette...

Well, that is the plan for this month anyway!!!! And if I do go to the pub you'de wouldn't recognise me because I'll go dressed up as Julia Gillard, our Prime Minister, or Brad Pitt.
Clemens constructing canvas for last painting.
I think I told you I'm working on my 'Last Painting'. But not to be too serious here first is a selfportrait of me and my Last Cigarette. Still haven't had one but would sell my mother for a puff.!!!!!

I also gave up alcohol and as a true alcoholic I have all the reasons to want to kill myself at times. Thus this Last Painting!!!!! No AA for me, just painting and being nice to Clemens and the dogs and think all night about cigarettes and a cool cold frothy beer!!!! I sleep about 3 or 4 hours a night so have many hours of creative (and destructive) thinking.

'Lat Painting' is a title, not necessarily a statement but the way my energy has gone out of my life and my creativity with it. The title “My last Painting” sounds nice and is also a little dramatic. It could be called a very creative title and it does make you think of all kind of dramatic things (like suicide)... and it does have some truths. I am nearly 70 years old!!!! I sent a message to Facebook that I will never write again on their page, accompanied with a nice and funny nude photo of me. Have a look, have look for the last time.

I ONLY want to be contacted on Gmail or my personal blog. No more bloody one liners or photo's of people I don't know but apparently are well known or good looking or just fxxxxxxng mad.

-- Photo: Clemens constructing canvas for 'Last Painting' with great patience and skill. --

Anyway, here a few photo's.  I know I am repeating myself, but it is going to be one of the best paintings in my life and it will be burned as it is huge. Doesn't even fit into the house! Clemens please help me...

But I was In hospital because I had cut my arms with a knife so badly my bedroom was a pool of blood. I screamed out for Clemens and he phoned for an ambulance and in the hospital they stitched it up.


A very good friend of mine is dying of prostrate cancer and I felt pain in that very spot. Went to my GP and he gave me a rectal examination and told me it was slightly enlarged. Nothing strange for a man of 67, but you tell that to a man who has NEVER been sick in his life, accept a few mental problems so now and then. But you tell me any painter/artists who hasn't had a little fun with madness! Had some lovely holidays in the loony bin!!!

The pain grew and I felt the cancer grow. I have always said, and mean it to this very day: I'll never be treated with radio or whatever the other one, something therapy is called so decided to make and end of my wonderful life. I'll have bags full of painkillers and copious amount of bottles of beer!!!!

-- Photo: Clemens please help me... I've done it again. ---

Ready for a tracing by Clemens...

Ready for a tracing by Clemens...

Grandfather Evelyn Hutchinson, circa 1938

Grandfather Evelyn Hutchinson, circa 1938

The Inexplicable. collage on paper.

The Inexplicable. collage on paper.

The world is round...

The Inexplicable, collage on paper


You know, every day I realise more and more I don't understand anything about where, why and what I live on.

Earth is a big ball hanging in a bigger space, they say, and if I look up at night I see stars and am told I can never reach them as they are too far away. But why are they up there then, if I can never visit them, for Heavens sake?


Or is that self centred? So we are not the centre? I'm afraid, I am my centre. I don't fall of this ball because of some kind of magnetism and yet living in Australia I am hanging by my feet! No wonder I have a blocked nose most of the time.


And yes, TIME, is another strange thing. I do know time in my way. I get up in the morning usually around 8.30 am, I am lucky enough to have two beautiful dogs, Leonardo da Vinci and Michael Angelo, Vinci and Angelo for short, who hop on my bed and give me loving, albeit wet, morning kisses and start pushing me out of bed. They want to go for a walk. We, Clemens- who I have known for more than 60 years now, talking about time!- and we take the doggies for a 8 km walk!!! Yes, 8000 metres ! Up and down hills and mountains, crossing large gushing rivers and deep canyons. Well, not quiet true. Slightly exaggerated.

Fear and Angst. collage on paper.

Fear and Angst. collage on paper.
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