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Lady Figure Tree, photograph

Lady Figure Tree, photograph

Lady figure tree. Photo first published on Facebook by Green Unity For Nature And Animal Liberation

Link to Original on Facebook

Minimalism, Baroque, Maximalism, Pluralism and disinterest

Minimalism, still life objects photographed on paper


Well in a strange, or funny way, that sums me up.


As a member of this privileged society, and I mean Australia, I haven't had a thing to worry about. Never lack of money, never too much money, never paid taxes, and NO, I am NOT ashamed of that!! 


That is my Minimalism.


Never been sick, like a flue or measles but a bit of a struggle with alcohol but even that I see as a colourful and enhancing something to my life's experiences. Twice in a rehab for alcohol and never met so many lovely and interesting people. People I would normally never meet in my cosy protected surroundings!


That is my maximalism.

2013 and the sun

Keep walking to meet each other.

I have not written on my blog for some time.

Too lazy and it is also too hot. Cannot even work in my outside studio so find myself doing pen and ink drawing in my room next to the fan!


A friend of mine in Florida, Eric or Ricky Tielman, made a video of my work!

I don't even know how he collected all the pictures. Nor do I have the patience to collect them but it is really nice.



It made me blush a little and also gave me a feeling of contentment so I though instead of making my own blog I'll use Eric's video and publish the few drawings I have made recently here in my room!


Guardian angel for Heleen. Paul smoking and drinking, pen and ink on paper.



I hope you will enjoy them. Here today we are nearly the coolest part of Australia, 34 degrees but in other parts it is around the 40!!!

Honestly, we must walk to puppies before 7 am or it is not on!


I wish you all a great 2013...




Angel 2013, feathers with pan and ink on paper

Angel 2013

Angel 2013

Guardian Angel, pen and ink on paper.

Guardian Angel, pen and ink on paper.
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