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a collection of blog posts on a 'Blackfellas' theme.
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Blackwoman, cropped copy

Blackwoman, cropped copy

a special day

We Are Sorry

Yesterday our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised on behalf of us all.

I tell you, like so many people, I cried my eyes out.

I was brought up in several different cultures where people had several different colours, several different languages and several different accents.

It amazed me how intollerant or scared others are towards others.

Even as an artist one can be put in a box.
But we can get away with a lot....

"After you are dead your paintings will be worth a fortune!"

Heard it all my life.

a little bit later in the day.

Blackwoman, acrylic on paper, 700x500

Blackwoman with pusycat I started on a Blackwoman and the cat walked over the painting. She has the same colours.

Later I will do the final one in this series as it's making me feel again hooked.
In a way too easy. Just the final one which will, hopefully, surprise you!!


friday, 25th of jan '08

Blackman 6, study, acrylic on paper

have no canvasses so did a quick Black Fella on paper to start the day.

later on thursday the 24th Jan 2008

Initiation, study, acrylic on paper

I knew some tribes on Earth have initiations, like the 1st communion, circumcision, uncovering of one's knee etc etc.

Here a study and will add some colour. Maybe, maybe not.

thursday, 24th Jan 2008

The Prince, acrylic on paper, 470x680

as I am painting the bodies of the Black Fellas I add later the decorations and by the chablone technique. This shows you the Added on affect.On top off. Like buttons on a white man's jacket. Or stripes of paint on bodies.

I don't know if I am right in saying this but the bodies are quiet a-sexual.
Like a picture of Queen Elizabeth in her full Regalia.


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