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Odds & Ends

a collection of blog posts that don't quite fit anywhere else.
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Paul Bakker's thumbprint

Paul Bakker's thumbprint

Workman's dirty feet

Workman's Dirty Feet

As I now live in the the tropics I work without my shoes on and pick up spicks of paint and glue and whatnots. This is the result!


Neighbour Kevin, sketch 2

What the hell am I trying to say?

I did the painting of my neighbour (after the photo Clemens took) to actually show how most people see other people stereotypically.

I am the same. I see the beautifull Aboriginies and think: Why don't they have their nakedness or why those ugly T-Shirts etc etc etc.

Why not body paintings?

This while I don't even know when and why they have them or not.

This arrogance and ignorance is nothing I can do much about.

But I can learn to listen.

I for instance still cannot imagine eaten pork meat.

Or being rude to my fellow man.

a special day

We Are Sorry

Yesterday our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised on behalf of us all.

I tell you, like so many people, I cried my eyes out.

I was brought up in several different cultures where people had several different colours, several different languages and several different accents.

It amazed me how intollerant or scared others are towards others.

Even as an artist one can be put in a box.
But we can get away with a lot....

"After you are dead your paintings will be worth a fortune!"

Heard it all my life.

Our neighbour Kevin

Neighbour Kevin

Today I feel proud to be an Australian!

My favorite PM Kevin Rudd openly and touchingly apologised to the 'Stolen Generations' of Aboriginal childeren. Why people fussed about the precise wording made me sick! All he said was: Imagine it would happen to you. Enough. BBC story

Youth Week Winner

Youth Week Winner

monday, 28th Jan 08


I have been using my round stamp for over twenty years but on the Blackfellas Collection recently I also used the "kangaroo stamp". It makes me remember I am in Australia!

After all, I have been living abroad for more than forty years. I see everything around me with the eyes of a visitor.


wednesday 23 jan 08


this is de painting die ik deed terwijl eddie, die ik niet aardig vond - maar hij keek op z'n rare manier, naar me op n.b.!! - stervende was. ik zei toen hij me vertelde dat hij HIV had: Lucky you, nu weet je precies ongeveer hoe lang je nog moet leven. Dit was in een kroeg in Sydney waar ik hem moest ontmoeten na hem enkele jaren niet gezien te hebben. Hij wist even niet of hij me van de stoel moest slaan of gewoon enz. Toen ik zo gewoon over de dood kon praten had ik veel contact met hem maar vond hem nog steeds een klootzak, weliswaar een stervende klootzak.

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