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Odds & Ends

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Clemens at his computer

Clemens at his computer

Clemens gardening

Clemens gardening

Bottle top matrix

Bottle top matrix

Nothingness and self-portraits

I have been thinking a lot about 'Nothing'.

Nothing and Art. And the connection with Nothing, Art and the whole entire bloody world. The entire bloody universe.


A week ago I received via Facebook a portrait done by my artist nephew Pete Woodley-Page I thought called: Portrait. It was a blank page. no more or no less. A small blank square.


At night in my bed, where like so many people, I do a lot of thinking. Clever, I thought that portrait being a blank page. And if you sometimes think if you should paint something pretty or intelligent, a blank space is amazing! So intellectual. So smart. So blank. Nothingness acting as a portrait. Well, it was for me something to wonder about, anyway. The approach to a self image. The big WHY does one paint. And WHY am I so obsessed with doing this latest self portrait! I have done many self portraits in my life and am working on one now, this very moment albeit in my head.


Self portrait Green painted while blindfoldedSelf portrait, pentel pen on paperSelf Portrait Red, painted on paper while blindfolded















(Left and right done blindfolded and in the middle Looking at Me)


I am thinking about so many things but mostly at this moment about Infinity. Nothing new about that but as I am coming closer to the day I'll walk through some mystical door or opening or hole, I am thinking much more and much more do I realise I, we, don't understand a thing.

That is why so many insecure people need religion, psychiatry or memberships to Heaven knows what kind of organisations.

So inevatibly I have come to some conclusions. Nothing enormously special though.

As long as one cannot explain or understand Infinity one might as well be whatever you feel like and believe whatever you feel like as we, humans on planet Earth, do not understand everything but more strongly, know we'll never ever understand Infinity. Here we understand nothing. Nada nada, we say in Portugal.

Purple hand fingerpainted on paperYellow hand, fingerpainted on paperGreen hand fingerpainted on paper


Minimalism aluminium drink cans

Minimalism aluminium drink cans

Minimalism bottle tops

Minimalism bottle tops

Minimalism, Baroque, Maximalism, Pluralism and disinterest

Minimalism, still life objects photographed on paper


Well in a strange, or funny way, that sums me up.


As a member of this privileged society, and I mean Australia, I haven't had a thing to worry about. Never lack of money, never too much money, never paid taxes, and NO, I am NOT ashamed of that!! 


That is my Minimalism.


Never been sick, like a flue or measles but a bit of a struggle with alcohol but even that I see as a colourful and enhancing something to my life's experiences. Twice in a rehab for alcohol and never met so many lovely and interesting people. People I would normally never meet in my cosy protected surroundings!


That is my maximalism.

Walking the Dogs!

Today, Monday the 3rd of December 2012, we just got back from our walk with the dogs and our findings, rubbish, we pick up.

We are like bloody Saints, or garbage collectors, and later in Heaven we'll get a room with a view for our goodness albeit 2nd class because we don't belong to a religion. The best rooms up there are occupied by the Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims and a few Protestants. Oh yes of course, the Free Masons.

Carflattened cans, tops, feathers and a red spoon...













My grandfather on mothers side was a Grand Master in the Free Mason movement.

Clemens and I have both our dogs Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo on a lead and they walk us more than we walk them.

But life is great.

I went a few days through a bit of a downer but have snapped out of that, thank God or whoever.

Probably Clemens more than God as I have known Clemens since childhood when we lived both in Indonesia(Borneo and Java), Iran and Holland.

He never complains about my negativeness etc (etc=beer) but just waits for it to pass!

And it did and I even had a coffee this morning.

Looking at the rubbish every where I am always surprised that people just dump things on the ground without even thinking.

Clemens with Angelo and Da Vinci at Buchans Point Beach
So many cans, cigarettes packets, pot smoking utensils and bottle tops one must make some artistic thing out of them! I also picked up a few white feathers and added them to my master piece!

We started walking today at 7 am as it is getting too hot for the puppies. And for me too actually.

I am still trying to make this big painting called: My Life.

So far I have drawn a few legs with a baby in the middle. That is my mother and me after birth.

It is difficult to think about ones life and doing a painting of it. What do you put in and what do you leave out?


Photo right: Clemens with Angelo and Da Vinci at Buchans Point Beach 2012


I don't know. I can write all the things on paper that I feel make me for what I am. Relatively lazy, happy but full of fears. I am afraid of driving in a car and I am fearful of groups of people.

Especially when walking the dogs and we have to cross a wooden bridge and ten or more youths are hanging on it and laughing their stoned heads off but they are, so far, always nice to us. Every body in our neighbourhood knows us as we walk twice a day with these terribly friendly black and white dogs. Colly types I think.




Anyway, just start working Paul Bakker!

I am sure Rembrandt (Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn) said that too!!!

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