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Odds & Ends

a collection of blog posts that don't quite fit anywhere else.
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That big white canvass, in that big white mind

Another man-god. Photo by Clemens Vermeulen


What is an artist? Or what am I then, as I am an artist? What would I be, if I were not an artist? Don't know and don't want to know.

Most people could think: 'Who cares'. Rightly so, maybe. But I do, and wonder at times.


My reply if I feel cheeky and slightly in a protective/defensive mood, is that Man hasn't built museums for dentists, accountants or cooks but performers, be it artists with brushes or artists with violins and even artists in a circus.

And to each his own. Let 'them', the others, organise the highways and electricity grids, let me rub a brush against a bit of canvas.

Paul with brush, smoking

Historically it is a dangerous question and at times very threatening to ask about culture or to paint what you wanted to paint.

Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Mao and a few other 'great' men were very pertinent about what one could or could not do!

When left to these dictatorial systems we inherited some amazing shit.

During the 3rd Reich all those pretty blond men and women shit. Or big muscular workers shit. Whatever, it never really worked.

Compulsive Obsessive Disorder or COD?

PSS Deat mask, photo by Clemens VermeulenThat is what I am told I suffer from by some Corrective Obsessive People. COP's. Cod liver oil., to them! So out of pure frustration I have a cigarette. But I'll give up soon, I hope.

Nothing strange about me but I do like order in my life.

Surely most people like to see an egg yellow, bright red and Royal blue car on their morning walks. And on my midday walk I like to see them again, in case I forgot to register them in my subconsciousness. Red, yellow, blue, yellow, red, blue, blue, yellow, red. Preferably in that order but that doesn't happen too often. And during the walks I give up cigarettes forever. I haven't got them on me anyway!Kissable. Photo by Clemens Vermeulen

After anything in my mouth, be it coffee or a slice of cake, even a cigarette, I rinse my mouth. My father-in-law was a dentist and he told me to do that. I still have all my teeth and am twice the age of JC when he died on the cross.

I rinse maybe 30 times a day.

God six, finger painting on paper, A4

God six, finger painting on paper, A4

Does infinity end where God begins?

Magical tree we see on our walk with the dogs.

When walking our dogs every morning we pass a huge tree that I can imagine some people would think to be 'Godly' or Godlike.

Its bark has a skin with a texture like our own and in the top two huge bee hives thrive. You feel the tree can scratch the stars.

Yes, Godlike.


Thinking about Gods and Religions.


I can handle if Christians say JC turned water into wine, you know I say beer normally but this article is deadly serious, and also opened the

Dead sea for the Israelite slaves to escape the Pharaoh,that the Hindus have their blue coloured elephants, Eskimos had their Moon, American Indians read the Heavenly signs in the sand, Freud believed everything was in ones mind and his mate Carl Jung looked under his bed for ghosts.


Yes, I can tolerate all these rituals. I, as a person who doesn't belong to any group or religion also have my rituals inherited by a short but powerful Catholic education. I cross myself 3 times before I go to sleep ! And don't let me forget or I have to do it by the next time I have a pee.I was baptised and cicumsided to boot.

I do have problems with the Latter Day Saints, or Mormons, who say JC walked bare footed across the USA and slept in Salt Lake City, or was he the son of the Holy Father who founded that strange place with Rambler cars every where.

God one, fingerpainting on paper, A4

I do have a little smirky feeling when I am told JC's mother was still a virgin after giving birth. But I will leave all that aside. I will not enter that part of the Christian faith.

No, I cannot. Truly, to believe is also to imagine, so what does one imagine with a woman who gave birth and is a virgin ? Poor Joseph.


So what do I believe ? I'd rather say; So what do I feel.


Like that tree has something, something I feel but cannot see and don't want to explain.

No, that is too easy.

It isn't I don't want to, it is I haven't got a clue. Keine Anung, mein Freunden. That's German for NO IDEA, my friends.


I know my life will come to an end. I'll stop breathing and others will take over my body.

Bury, stuff, embalm or burn it.

As far as I am concerned they can feed me to the dogs but the RSPCA would call that animal cruelty. Would our brotherly cannibals have a go ?

God tree, photo by Paul

God tree, photo by Paul

God five, finger painting on paper, A4

God five, finger painting on paper, A4

God four, finger painting on paper, A4

God four, finger painting on paper, A4

God two, finger painting on paper, A4

God two, finger painting on paper, A4

God one, finger painting on paper, A4

God one, finger painting on paper, A4
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