All about Feet, 'voeten' in Dutch, and Colours

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I have just finished writing and published my blog on Noses. And colours.

I suppose becoming 'Super Mature', old age, makes one a little philosophical about your being.

Feet, hands, faces and those other places of intrest.

I look very much after my nose. Cannot go to sleep if I haven't got my Otrivin Nose drops.


Feet 1 in a series: foot prints on paper.Feet 10 in a series: foot prints on paper.Feet 11 in a series: foot prints on paper.


I go to bed every night taking with me my body and most certainly see and feel my Corpus as an independent substance.

I know one day I'll have to go through a very spiritual experience, happening, and will lose my present body and, if I deserve it, or have enough courage, I'll be given a new body.Some people call this Reincarnation.

It is such a logical conclusion to arrive at. And to assist us with these feelings and emotions we have a Conscience. Anyway, nobody has an answer yet.However, I don't believe we'll ever find it.

Or I'll be damned. And become a 'born again' something. Polishmy rosary beads

Become a new Paul Bakker again. Or Papa De Popoulous. Or my favourite artist except I don't know who that is. Must be able to mention some name....Maybe David Hockney....Or Turner....or Matisse....


I know when ' It ', the Corpus, wants something and also when ' I ' want something.

But more often than not 'We' want something together. (Not with cigarettes however. That is totally and completely the responsibility of the 'body'. I am simply a victim.)

And in a way a Victor. Only because I am starting the battle against that white poisonous cloud of misery again. For the so-many-est-times in my life.

Feet 4 in a series: foot prints on paper.Feet 9 in a series: foot prints on paper.

Feet 7 in a series: foot prints on paper.



I actually like looking at my feet. They have had a very travelled history and been around the World quiet a few times. Four times through the Suez Canal and once through the Panama Canal. Once around the Cape. where I saw the madness of Apartheid.My feet have sat for hours and hours in aeroplanes and consequently waiting at airports.

My Feet stood under the Eiffel Tower and the Tower of Pisa. My feet had a glass of wine with

Salvador Dali, where Amanda Lear was playing his Hostess role.

Walked an unknown number of kilometres with dogs, old ladies, maniacs and happy noisy friends.

Walked with interest past all those famous paintings. My feet sometimes dragged me to a dentist or something else as scary.

Our feet have no intelligence, don't know where they are going to and sometimes don't want to, either, if they could.


This has something to do with the before mentioned conscience and if abused can end with Guilt!! They most certainly belong and fit in our world. Concienance and Guilt =Fear and Anger.


When we are going somewhere we look ahead but keep an eye on where our feet are placed.

When we are in bed lying on our back our toes point towards the Universe. When we are standing they just point ahead. What an enormous change of view and panoramas. And 'Out Look'


Toes, feet in general, are very sensitive and are generally well looked after.

The thought that people were punished by having their feet beaten!

Bumping your toe against an object is bad enoug!!!!!

Feet 8 in a series: foot prints on paper.Feet 2 in a series: foot prints on paper.Feet 5 in a series: foot prints on paper.






This writing is not just about feet but feet and colours. The RED, BLUE and YELLOW and all its mixtures.

But I also simply am dying to do these feet things, Rubbing my feet first with some oily protection stuff and than rub them in with different colours and 'dance' on a beautiful sheet of paper.

Be careful not to slip on the paper. As I did !!!

Then copy them and make all those paintings into those works of "Art".

My feet and my compulsions.


I also have decided to take my camera on our walks with our puppies Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, and take pictures of the beautiful and hideous colour combinations.

I always see these colour combo's with fascination and sometimes try and deliberately use colours together I am not sure about.


I have never done much else than paint, be the silly artist and I LOVE it. Although these thoughts do sometimes keep me awake. Obsessive thinking and sometimes I have to get up just to do something my inner-self is demanding I do. So,mostly, I just do.


Anyway, here my collection of Feet and Colours.

Man, nose, feet and Cat. Collage on paper