Canvas To Coffee Table Book and Bodies Falling Out Of Trees

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From canvas to coffee table book - ready for the cut.From canvas to coffee table book.

Photo caption left: From canvas to coffee table book - ready for the cut. Right: The coffee table books.

Looking around my studio I see again and again a number of large paintings against the wall, all 120x120 cm.

All without a purpose in life. A little shameful really. I had given them so much attention at the time and now they are like an abandoned child or a school kid with his face against the wall.

Paintings I really liked but also realised I didn't have the energy to try and exhibit them, or give them away. Simply moving them from the Far Northern Queensland area to Sydney or Melbourne, some 2500 km away, is costly.

As I have always made books thanks to the Royal Academy in The Hague where we had a great teacher Mr.Gilhuis, who taught us to work with paper and cardboard, to fold in the correct direction of the fibre, stitch and minimally use glue on the paper to turn them into books.Then press them for a day or two.

The philosophy was that if you design a book cover, you should also know how a book is made and printed etc. etc. etc.

So now I have a number of books from my large paintings.

It is a strange and lovely feeling to be able to look at a large painting sitting in a chair and turning it page by painted page. Every little detail can be seen and scrutinised. As my nephew Jeremy Bakker, also a painter and creator, said: I can even see a hair and wonder if it is a brush hair or a white hair from your head!

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Big black body. Colour body 2.Vulva.Colour Body eight.Colour Body eight.

Photo caption: Bodies fallen from trees. More bodies in the Sculpture Gallery


On our daily walks with the dogs I always see a branch of a tree lying on the ground and it so often looks like parts of the human body. I started to take them home and before long I came quit experienced at sanding, cutting, painting and polishing these simple pieces of wood to look like lovely and often sexy bodies.

So have a look at these little creatures. So sexy and tactile. Polished to a high gloss and as soft and slippery as skin can be. Who will give these little headless people a table to stand on?

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Marilyn Monroe apparition on sandpaper.

Photo caption: Visit from a Super Star. Apparition of Marilyn Monroe.

Suddenly, while working with my wood and sandpaper I got such a lovely surprise: I had a visit from Marilyn Monroe!

Right there from the piece of sandpaper she was looking at me. Have a look and tell me if you can see her too!!!!!