Do it man!!!

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Stripes and more stripes, acrylic on canvas, 800x1000
When I finished the Dream Spirit painting I needed to do a little thinking. A little retrospective meandering. Belly button research.

Apart from the fact that the Dream Spirit is a man and Dr. Mick, a house friend and academic, thought it was a woman, is it finished? Is it finished or should I make the gender more obvious? Stick it on or not?

We'll see but now I am starting on my greatest voyage as an artist. What's he talking about?

My friend and colleague Roeland Zijlstra does many portraits. (Click on his name. ) Anywhere and anyhow. I told him I want to do a portrait of Clemens but am afraid of it. I have NEVER painted a portrait.

That means doing a painting of a human being but a human being with a tag. His or her name. Many self portraits, many people paintings but never the portrait. Roeland said to me to do it, just do it. Start painting a bloody face with a torso!!! Something like that.

I am not afraid of making a painting of Clemens and he doesn't recognize himself. But when you do a portrait of another human being you do invite that person to enter a private world. My private world where everything I do I agree with. Most times anyway.

I have known to wake up in the morning and not be so sure of my private world and all it contains. But the person you paint AS A PORTRAIT has some rights. He or she can even tell you what to do or what not to do. But all this humming about and writing philosophical smartypants stuff is only because I must get up, wash the canvas and do it.

Ja hoor Roeland, ik doe het al... I made the painting here above called 'Stripes and more stripes'. I did this to loosen up a bit.

I used colours I absolutely love, I used the line width I absolutely love. The size I absolutely love and the hidden imperfections I absolutely love.

Well, I have loosened up I hope so no more dillydallying and get down to the portrait.