Does infinity end where God begins?

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Magical tree we see on our walk with the dogs.

When walking our dogs every morning we pass a huge tree that I can imagine some people would think to be 'Godly' or Godlike.

Its bark has a skin with a texture like our own and in the top two huge bee hives thrive. You feel the tree can scratch the stars.

Yes, Godlike.


Thinking about Gods and Religions.


I can handle if Christians say JC turned water into wine, you know I say beer normally but this article is deadly serious, and also opened the

Dead sea for the Israelite slaves to escape the Pharaoh,that the Hindus have their blue coloured elephants, Eskimos had their Moon, American Indians read the Heavenly signs in the sand, Freud believed everything was in ones mind and his mate Carl Jung looked under his bed for ghosts.


Yes, I can tolerate all these rituals. I, as a person who doesn't belong to any group or religion also have my rituals inherited by a short but powerful Catholic education. I cross myself 3 times before I go to sleep ! And don't let me forget or I have to do it by the next time I have a pee.I was baptised and cicumsided to boot.

I do have problems with the Latter Day Saints, or Mormons, who say JC walked bare footed across the USA and slept in Salt Lake City, or was he the son of the Holy Father who founded that strange place with Rambler cars every where.

God one, fingerpainting on paper, A4

I do have a little smirky feeling when I am told JC's mother was still a virgin after giving birth. But I will leave all that aside. I will not enter that part of the Christian faith.

No, I cannot. Truly, to believe is also to imagine, so what does one imagine with a woman who gave birth and is a virgin ? Poor Joseph.


So what do I believe ? I'd rather say; So what do I feel.


Like that tree has something, something I feel but cannot see and don't want to explain.

No, that is too easy.

It isn't I don't want to, it is I haven't got a clue. Keine Anung, mein Freunden. That's German for NO IDEA, my friends.


I know my life will come to an end. I'll stop breathing and others will take over my body.

Bury, stuff, embalm or burn it.

As far as I am concerned they can feed me to the dogs but the RSPCA would call that animal cruelty. Would our brotherly cannibals have a go ?

Please don't tell me cannibals are vegetarians.

God two, fingerpainting on paper, A4

But here imagination comes to help. Like doing a painting. A light goes on.


I often see me, Paul, seep out of my body when it looses its temperature and bodily fluids and stiffens up.

So, there I float next to my corpus exhibitus, have a quick look back at it. Would love to use a little stage make-up to make it look a better picture, but alas, no can do. Vanity is one of the deadly sins. Maybe that killed me ?


I think I'll float through a rather cold space and go on and on until I see a sigh: END OF INFINITY.


Shit, but but but I'll mumble. That's a contradiction in termini.


I suppose that is it. There we stand.


A little door is built under the sign with rules and regulations and of course I open it without reading them.


Of course isn't so 'of course' as one thinks.

Millions don't open that door and joined various now religious cults, some burned incense, some chopped of the end of their boys foreskins God six, fingerpainting on paper. A4.again , some beat their poor backs with twines and singing how awful they are.


Silly fools, that is not good salesman ship. Think positive, my dear Believers.

Open the door; you'll find a Heaven, a Hell or another door. And maybe again another; ad infinitum.


But they ALL want to go back to their Mother, in this case Mother Earth without the experience they could get by doing a bit of research before their re-entering. They didn't know about reincarnation enough.


They all say that 'this next time' they'll build larger cathedrals, mosques, synagogues or pray to even bigger Trees, Moons or Six legged lambs.


This kind of escapism has nothing to do with intelligence. One cannot say the Romans were stupid with their 'Religion', no, their religion had a uniting affect against the others. The Barbarians.

Yes, religions unite groups and in some cases gives these groups power.

Nobody can deny the power of the church of Rome. And they are united. If you didn't agree you were un-united on the stake.

God three, fingerpainting on paper, A4.

Ok, so I haven't got anywhere with what and how, and before or after birth and Death. Has God got a penis or a vagina or both? Who knows and who cares to know? That is the difference.


All I know is in a dark street at night I don't say: I DO NOT BELIEVE IN YOU, YOU JERK.

I humbly pray for assistance.

But now in the 21st Century...................


This era is amazing. I don't want to rub it in how bloody old I am but since my birth I have lived with, par example, 3 Dutch Queens, and I mean Royalty, Wilhelmina, Juliana and now Beatrix, 6 Popes- two of them Pauls, 6 dogs, 3 wives, 23.502 days and counting, a few paintings I am proud of and a handful of money. Always enough to pay for the ferry to Somewhere.


In earlier parts of my life I'd go to bed and hope to speak to so-and-so the next day or buy a stamp and post a letter.


But now I speak to my mobile or whack a load of instant photos on the Internet or E-mail my beloved ones.

Listen and see 24 hour news coverage. I sometimes feel I know before the poor Syrian his house has been or is being bombed!


God four, fingerpainting on paper, A4.

IF I didn't know something before I'd go to a clever friend or library.

Now I Google it. Even while writing this bit I Googled to count my Popes.


I can imagine a time where one could have been arrested if the Police heard you had been texting your neighbour or Googled someone three times.


And let's face it, kids can see via Google or Yahoo things that would make a sailor blush. It certainly made me blush.

ALL those antique cars, or what was it?


But I am afraid all this wonderful stuff hasn't changed the attitude of the Big Powers in and on this Mother Earth.

If I see how Australia wants to get their soldiers out of Afghanistan or whatever, you KNOW they are all lying. No, not lying, just not telling the truth. That is what they live by and believe they can get away with. I am talking about governments and Big Business and Big Churches.

Did you know our Prime Minister never ever farts. True ! Ask her PR man.

The weapon industry is so big its powers are unimaginable. Like the tobacco mob. How can anybody justify calling Hennep bad for ones health and then offer them a nicotine stick !

God 5, finger painting on paper, A4.

Not that “They” should ban cigarettes. That would only create a bigger underground industry. And me as a loyal client.

I was growing some medicinal plants last year and they were thriving !

But one night some kids in our 'hood pinched them.

If that's not a topsy-turfy compliment.


I hope I am not sounding negative. I really love my world. Not all the world, MY world.

I have my healthy twice a day green juice drink so have pink cheeks. Now no alcohol after a battle with the bottle.-

I live with people I love or like or don't like, without prejudices.

Get dragged from under God's bed to paint, you artist !

Then get up because Michael Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci want to go for a walk. Then back at home a large Nescafe with thickened cream and milk.

Not to forget, I live in Cairns, at the beginning of the Far Tropical North Queensland. Here it is allways around 30 degrees. And wet.

Then I wonder about the worlds problems: Should I smoke a cigarette now or later......

Then at 5.30 with Casper and 'dad' we watch on tv 'Deal or No deal' on channel 7 and on SBS we have 'Letters or Numbers' at 6pm.


So do You exist my exhausted One up there somewhere?

I'll look in the mirror.


Love it.I also went through your gallery and I particularly love the Blackfellas, and Meetings, and Trees, and a lot of the works in progress.I'm not a religious person, but have the same freaky need to light a candle or something nagging at the back of my brain, but I look at some of your work and I feel you've been touched by something special when you were born. What a beautfiul gift. So yeah, go ahead and look for God in the mirror. why not ay?xxxx

I call them mis-truths .... :)And smoke that ciggy later my friend ....... :)