Paul Bakker, Gods and shadows

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Book cover; Paul bakker, Gos and shadows
Again: shadows but more.....
These shadows wouldn't leave me yet.
I started to hang up a sheet on a string in the garden and create scenes.
Arrange the setting and than photograph them. If not Clemens as figure myself so I took the Clemens photos and he made the Paul ones.

Then with Clemens huge computer knowledge, I have zero !, we changed the colours and sometime the shapes.

So have a look. It is a booklet made by us both. The first time. I also made of these pictures and text a booklet. Below.

If you want a hardcopy you'll have to let me know (click) as I haven't got enough funds to post them to all you loyalists.

Paul Bakker, Gods and shadows
I have now done booklets on Cats, Trees, Memories and Blackfellas. 

I didn't know for some time what to do next. 

I have made some fun art works called Shadows.
So how can I combine these shadows with a text that makes sense?
I cannot so I thought: Bugger this, I'm going to write about the Gods. 

The Painter's shadow
Yes, the Gods, I don't want to write God because that is too pretentious.
Nearly every tiny group of humanity has its own concept of the Gods or God. 

A few days ago I saw on TV here in Australia a programme called: 'Does God exist?' An  Atheist ( a lovely intellectual woman ), a Catholic priest ( a little silly but kind ), a Muslim lady ( very intelligent but unmoving ), a confused clever man ( very funny and witty ) and a Fundementalist. ( Oh my God ). 

God forbid. Jezus !!!! Can you imagine being Christ ? A skinny man, with long hair looking like a sixties pop star,  from humble backgroud with 12 men, one of them Judas who'd kill for a kiss,  and a prostitute. All  accompanying him when he was attacking the fundementalist Jews and the powerfull Romans who had more Gods than you can throw a stick at?

I don't know, I am not religious but as all people then say, I am spiritual.

My mother, God bless her, was a Catholic and my father something between a Protestant and a Buddist. Later in life he once told me he would like to walk around India as a beggar!! My fathers hero was Mahatma Gandi. My mother met Pandid Nehroe at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she helped her uncle the ambassador  receiving guests at some funtions. Charles Kevin. She thought Pandid was the nicest and most beautiful man in the whole world and his daughter Indira had the coldest eyes she ever saw. 

Yet I went as a kid to all kind of schools in Indonesia, Holland and Iran.
Even, by accident, to a Calvinist school and that was absolutely OK but I was scared shitless somebody would find out the truth: My mother was a Catholic thus I was a Catholic... Burnt at the stakes maybe ? Quartered or burried up side down? 
But in Holland I also  went to a Catholic boarding school and loved it. St. Louis.
Organised and stable but every bloody morning at 7.30 we had to go to Mass.
Before breakfast and my knees hurt from kneeling on cold wood.  

Blue Paul shadow
The funny thing is that before I go to sleep I must mumble something: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Oh ja, I blush by the thought, but cross myself. Yes, yes, I do !!!!!
Why? Because I am obsessive or simply cannot go to sleep without this ritual I have done all my life.

Then I ask the Gods to look after so and so, all my family etc.
As a kid it would drive me crazy as I had a list far to long !!! Aunty Elma, Zina, Norma, uncle Robert, Charlie, Redge, oh who have I forgotten ?? I was only 7 or 8 at the time !!!!
But seriously, what is this God thing ?
I compare it with infinity.
We all know what infinity means but nobody on Earth can explain what it is.
It is inexplicable. And so is the God thing.
And that is where one should leave it. Or I do, anyway.

I know that the indentation between your nose, and between your upper lip is where an angel came fluttering down when you were born and pushed its finger there  and said: 'This little baby I will look after and protect for all his life.'
Thank You Whoever.
Patting Angelo
So that is that.I still thank my guardian angel for the wonderfull life I have led and lead.
Gracia de Deus we say in Portugal.
I am not an intellectual, have read very few books (dyslectic) and not a person to have deep debates, winning points etc. Couldn't be bothered.
I always say, and love the thought, we artists are the very most humble servants of the Gods and paint for Them.
We hold the brushes and they do the moving,  thinking or messaging or whatever.

But what about the reward we will get for a good and virtuous life?
A nice spot next to you know Who ?, Seventh Heaven or a continued afterlife?

I allways thought Heaven would be so bloody boring. Hopping from one cloud to another.
No pubs and poker machines. Just white fluffy stuff you wouldn't put your dog on to play.
I do actually believe that we, and I am not being funny this time, live in a body,
I Paul Hendrik Bernardo live in this now 'slightly'  old body and when the body gives up I must find new lodgings. A new corpus.I know this to be true as when I go to sleep I go away for a bit. Leave that silly skinny old  body in bed and can be whatever I want to be. And I love the Dream world, it's like a club in the Never Never world where you go to for fun and fiction. I often have a beer or two in my Dream world. But never too many, don't worry my Guardian Angel. ( Angels are not alowed in the club )
Sometimes it can be scary I am told,  but I  very seldom have nasty dreams.
I am too superficial for black dreams or horror stuff.
But in my dream world I am always about 27 or 28 years old. And the fact I am now twice the age of JC doesn't count.
Still cannot walk on water or turn a good red wine into blood.Or was it the other way round ? Cannot remember.....

Paul Bakker.
p.s. Clemens told me JC didn't turn blood into wine but water into wine. 
Again, if you want to receive a booklet please let me know.
Just tell me (click!) where to send it to. I'm printing 100 copies.