Shadows, real and of the past

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Just started working on my 5th booklet called 'Paul Bakker and Mistakes'.

It will be made public soon.

Sitting outside the other week I saw a beautiful shadow on the inside wall of the gazebo we have in the garden.

It was of Clemens talking to son Casper. I took a photo and then Clemens took a photo of my shadow.      Paul and little finger shadowplay











Shadows left: Clemens and Casper. Right: Paul and little finger.

I always see shadows, my own when walking the dogs, the shadow of the clothes hoist in the garden on the grass.

Life would be visually very boring if we didn't have shadows to sometimes confuse us. A shadow on a face can make it a happy face or a very menacing face.

Paul shadow art at the quary.














Shadow left: 'Shadow art'. Right: 'Black scum'

But we also have shadows of the past. Yesterday I was sitting as usual in the garden sipping my coffee when a tune came to mind and as I still cannot believe the amazing abilty to find whatever one wants on the Internet, I went to Youtube and tapped in: 'Amanda Lear'.

Now that is a shadow of a past long gone. I met her in Port Ligat. At the house of Salvador Dali, no less.

I was in a neighbouring village Cadaques with my friend Bert Haaitsma and were picked up by Dali's personal 'ambassador', Miss World 1957. She was driving a huge white Caddilac and was only looking for people to 'furnish' the Maestro Magnifico's cocktail room. We were told by his secretaries, five jittery gay men in black, to ONLY ever call him Maestro Maginifico. The BBC were filming the Maestro Magnifico at the time so men with huge cameras and lights were all over the place. Amanda Lear introduced us to Him and he had the weakest handshake ever. But he was very old and not quiet with this world, maybe he was in His surrealist world. As I am today sometimes I think.

The other day I turned 66 years old. Twice the age of JC when he was crucified. I have no crosses to bear. I have been so extremely lucky, not even the flue.

At boarding school St. Louis, in Amersfoort, Holland, we had the Asian flue and I actually prayed for the first time in my life, I was 12, to also get the flue so I could lie in a nice bed with all the other 650 kids. But no, four kids were not infected. Bloody hell.

Now everything is still 100% OK. I might be playing with my Karma but I don't realy worry too much.

As long as I can paint and make little booklets.

My next series of paintings will be about Nothing. I don't yet know how. Empty rooms or empty faces. No idea what so ever. I await the divine Spirits to come and tell me. To hold my hand and make the brushes move. So romantic too.

Anyway, here are my shadows and Amanda's song: Follow me....





Left: Puzzling shadow on the grass.