The world is round...

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The Inexplicable, collage on paper


You know, every day I realise more and more I don't understand anything about where, why and what I live on.

Earth is a big ball hanging in a bigger space, they say, and if I look up at night I see stars and am told I can never reach them as they are too far away. But why are they up there then, if I can never visit them, for Heavens sake?


Or is that self centred? So we are not the centre? I'm afraid, I am my centre. I don't fall of this ball because of some kind of magnetism and yet living in Australia I am hanging by my feet! No wonder I have a blocked nose most of the time.


And yes, TIME, is another strange thing. I do know time in my way. I get up in the morning usually around 8.30 am, I am lucky enough to have two beautiful dogs, Leonardo da Vinci and Michael Angelo, Vinci and Angelo for short, who hop on my bed and give me loving, albeit wet, morning kisses and start pushing me out of bed. They want to go for a walk. We, Clemens- who I have known for more than 60 years now, talking about time!- and we take the doggies for a 8 km walk!!! Yes, 8000 metres ! Up and down hills and mountains, crossing large gushing rivers and deep canyons. Well, not quiet true. Slightly exaggerated.

And yet I see no evidence the world is round. As far as I am concerned it is flat as a pancake with hills to climb over.

Then we get back at around 11 am and then at the end of the day I watch the news, a few tv shows like 'Deal or no deal' and the 'Eggheads', amusing tv programmes, except the News. So how many hours, how many minutes is that!? I know I cannot live without air for less than 4 minutes.....or is it more than 4 minutes? Positive and negative, never understood that mathematical concept either. Understood very little at school really, I always won the day with painting classes and a friendly smile.


But it is appalling how horrible the news is. If it isn't Syria or Cambodia it is some nut case shooting 12 people outside a cinema or politicians who can only say nasty things about their opposition.

Here in Australia we have “Big ears” and “Fat bum”, Tony and Julia. I prefer Julia any day as Tony walks like a monkey. Nothing wrong about a monkey walk but for monkeys, not for a man who threatens to run this country. He has rosary beads too tucked away in his pocket !! Julia probably a Cadbury's chocolate bar. Maybe a tiny bottle of beer?

Grandmother Margaretha Bakker-van Rijs with son Arie, my father.

I am not a political person. My Dutch grandmother used to say: 'Away with capitalism, give it to me.' She was a business woman in her day, a little unusual in the 30's.

Oh, I don't understand this world, round as it is but am very aware we are very lucky in Australia.

Think about it. Tasmania is 3 times as large as the Netherlands. Tasmania has 510.000 inhabitants, The Netherlands 17.000.000 . Australia has 21.000.000 but is 55 times the size of The Netherlands,(from here on Holland.)


On our walks we are goody-goodies and pick-up empty bottles, empty cans of Coke, beer, lemonade etc, empty packets of all kind of chips, sweets and cigarettes and , thank you up there, toys lost or thrown away. I have a huge collection of stuffed animals, tin toys, cars and weapons! But never the less, it is very clean and tidy compared with, say, Bombay or New York.

The council keeps the trees trimmed, foot paths relatively clean and relatively safe.


Yes the world is round. I don't know. In my life I have been 3 times through the Suez canal, once through the Panama canel and once around the Cape when Egypt and Israel were throwing sticks and stones at each other.

Cannot remember how many times by air. Rome airport has nice ice cream and Cairo airport good coffee. But never felt it to be round. This silly ball hanging in space. And million other ones identical, they say.

Maternal grandfather Evelyn Hutchinson.

So are there more living creatures. Cannot believe we would be the only mixture of cholesterol, proteins and itchy skin in this universe!

I know many people, maybe most people, have the same questions with UN-answerable answers. I understand why people group together and start a religion. The world was made in 7 day a few people say and yet when I question an intelligent member of that tribe they tell me I must see the symbolic nature of the philosophy. And so it goes on!


But time just keeps on ticking on. They talk about infinity, shit, it NEVER ends and yet I can count the minutes it takes me to walk from home to the super market. Food in abundance and yet in other places on the round planet people are starving. It doesn't add up and there is nothing I, Paul Bakker, can do. Don't give me this shit I could join some group of salvationers, they wouldn't take me any more anyhow as I am older then 30.


But as I wrote before, when I must give up this body I hope I can move on some how.


The human world is not very different from the animal world. Some people will say the same but I think the Humans are far more nasty and cruel.

We will go far further than kill just for food. The Human also wants power over other Humans. And many Humans like to follow another Human they think is strong and will protect them and give them more hamburgers and bottles of plonk!


I know I should not say this, or write it, but every time I see something on the tv about the Third Reich and the disgusting cleansing of the races by so-called superior beings, I think: Gosh I am lucky I don't have to say I am a German. It would just be an added weight to my fragile being.


But I didn't write the above, it just dripped out of my computer. Yes I know, they say the world is round and I am 67 years old and square! I better stick to painting. I want to paint all these strange inexplicable feelings I have but haven't yet got my act together.


Maybe I should buy a Lotto ticket. Money can change the world Rockefeller said once. Or was that Lord Thomson of Fleet? Or my grand mother?


Tonight I'll go to bed around 11 o'clock and every night think: Bloody hell, I wont sleep, only to waken up a few hours later having had a lovely dream. Then back to sleep and awake again and back to sleep and then two dogs licking me. Isn't life just perfect, even if the world is round!

I chose to publish photos of my grand parents here because they too are 'inexplicable' to me. They were so different. My grandmother was a 180cm tall business woman from Zeeland with Hispanic looks who hated religions and Germans and all English speakers because they fought the Boers in Africa. Smoked like a chimney. My grandfather was a short, stocky Welshman who disliked Dutch speakers because they shot at him in support of  the Boers. But he was also non-religious if a Free Masons Grand Master could be called non-religious. Smoking tobacco was strictly forbidden in his house.




Paul, I love all your paintings, I was once tould by my art teacher if you want to be a good artist, you have to paint you inerself, and if people notice, then you are good... I noticed :)   You are a amazing writer and storyteler, very truthful.  This blog is about fear, but screams honesty, frar breeds dishonesty, lies and liars, and you are not..  Over the last few nights i  have been reading your blogs, you are a  good storyteller, you would get along very well with my friend he is also a  storyteller, and a very good man like yourself.... Julia...