Day Four: looking in the cave

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Heather Morseu came for a visit here in the house and she saw my new tree. She was very pleased and saw spirits. She saw a woman and she saw where her people had come from, at least a part of her tribe. It is fun. I had a good look at the area I call the cave. I imagine nothing nasty. I imagine a little like a fairy tale. In the other painting, the 'Burning Tree', it is best to keep your distance. I do have this liking to paint places where the eye can slumber or dream. So, bugger it, I started another splash of growth and now Heather really got going. Photo bottom is Heather Morseu, holding the 'Brown tree' I started painting today, actually yesterday.

The other photo fell on the floor out of an old album. In 1988. In Portugal, in Villa de Terena, I had just ended a short and funny 'relationship' with the lady who had bought my big house. Very much the case of if you sit in the chair long enough, you end up in bed. Her partner appeared one day from Lisbon. He looked a little like the Chilean dictator Pinochet. He came to tell me: 'Leave'. Me: 'I'm sorry'.

A bit later my nephew Dave Shirlaw was staying with me in the village in Portugal (I obviously didn't 'leave!'). Dave did a very bright red, blue and black explosion. I did the 'woman going'. Like she is shooting a carnival gun. I did it with a wicked pleasure.

The other is a drawing of the man in the Tree. I found his face and it could be a caricature of me!

For heaven's sake, click on the photos with your mouse. They should enlarge.

Interpretation of Green painting stage 3.Suzanna running, acrylic on canvas, 800x1000.Interpretation Green painting, stage3, 080429.Heather Morseu with brown tree.