Day Five: The End

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Brown Tree, acrylic on canvas, 1200x1200.
Now to start I need ten words or something. No, I need more. I had only nine, now I have 20. Living with computers. I'm not even going to try and explain this...

I finished, finally, the 'Green Tree'. A nitpicker may question me and ask: 'Where's the green.'

At first I wasn't happy with the painting. It had lost all its fluffiness and confusion. But then I tidied up the background a bit and minimized the trunk and; 'Bob's your uncle'.

I am very happy. I would like to see the three Trees next to each other for a photo but will have to do that outside on a sunny windless day here in the tropics. Click on the photo's. Look at pussy. She's called Miesje. That's Dutch.

Brown Tree high against trees in backyard.'Miesje disarmed; I give up', photo by Clemens Vermeulen.