Day Two on the Green Painting

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Stage 2, 080427, Acrylic on canvas, 1300x1300.Yesterday I wrote something about Hell if I don't see any green. Later.

Now I see a dark tree. Desolate, but I know every inch. And I like it.

It does smell a little heavy but cool. I looks as if the light source is behind the trunk and it seems to radiate a little.

What would another see? Clemens says he'll wait before seeing anything definite.

Then I suddenly saw the sad figure with a bad tummy. I'll draw it and show you later.

Must get that bloody green going. Tiny little leaves in the top right hand corner?

Or turn it upside down! On its side, it is an arctic landscape with a sea view.

Then I also realized it is the same tree as in Burning Tree!

I must use some yellow. see you later.