Is she looking at me?

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'Blackwoman', mixed media on paper, 700x500.'Blackwoman', cropped, mixed media on paper, 700x500.A few paintings loom in my head more than others. They are as if they're at the front of my memory. One such painting I did when I was about 18. A flying man. Light blues and orange in the sky. I gave it to my ex-brother-in-law. Never saw either again.

But a very much more recent picture is now playing on my mind. The Blackwoman. When I look into her face, what do I see? The man who is my model for the Prince painting came by yesterday and I asked him about the Blackwoman. He thought, like me, that she is bewildered. A little afraid. Still very much the woman. A slight kink in her hips. Her hand ready to be shaken but she doesn't know when. She is bewildered. She is looking at me. Does she like me? Is she willing to trust me? I think not yet.

Anyway, I was very pleased the way the Prince reacted to all the paintings. He loved them and had a story or memory with all. The Initiation reminded him of the first white man he had met.

I think she is also a woman with sadness in her eyes. Maybe she can look into the future?