Senhor Angelo M. (Angelo)

Printer-friendly versionSend by email'Angelo in Clemens arms', photo by Paul Bakker.
This is our new dog Angelo. He never stops moving. He never stops playing. He never stops loving. The first night we took turns in babysitting. The second night he slept all alone, hugged against the bedroom door. On the other side. When the door opens he, in all his happiness and 23.9 kilos plunges all over you. Carpet bombing with four paws. A very long and wet tongue licks you a good morning. Today we take him to the vet to be chipped and wormed but no genital mutilations for this baby, please. In Portugal I told the shepherds in my village how we 'snipped' and spayed our dogs in the new world. The men just stared at me and probably thought: 'Senhor Paulo is mad'. Well, this is the new kid on the block. And for some time, I hope. phb