Travels and widoms

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Paul in Freetown, Sierra Leone

I couldn't sleep last nite and started thinking about something that often plays on my mind: This crazy unbalanced world and where do I fit in it. The craziness, some call it unfairness or injustice, is everywhere. I live in that group of highly privileged peoples. No bullets hissing passed my ears, food enough to share with a cat and four kittens and I can walk down the street without being picked on because I might represent a different Tribe. During the day.

What we feed our cat, 'special' milk and soft and dry food that could easily feed some starving people in Somalia or some maimed kids in the Congo. It is highly nutritional and healthy.
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My family are on their way to Mexico for a wedding. Great. So it should be, as the groom would feel strange with no members of his family present, etc. What if they had pooled the money etc. etc. etc. and sent it to etc.etc.etc.

It would do little good, microscopical good.

However, if we divided every penny, every loaf of bread, amongst the world population, we all, collectively, would be back in the dark ages. So what is wrong?

We all know: over population.And that is a luxury.

As a smart joke I said yesterday to my good friend Clemens, who is rather political and unabashed greeny at that, in respect to the Big Issue here in Queensland about fluoride 'yes' or 'no' in the water; 'They should put the anti-conception pill in the water for a while and those wanting babies make the considered effort to drink pure water etc etc'. That would be global participation and acceptance of responsibility.

Meanwhile I must buy a plastic jar of toxic red magenta acrylic paint. $24,- or a week's food for a family in some God forsaken place.

I remember when I was 18 and in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The ship I was traveling on from somewhere to somewhere stopped there. To get on Land, to stretch your legs, one had to change some money, in my case 5 English Pounds for their currency. It happened to be a National Day of Liberation (of the British) and me, with my lily white face, felt a little scared and a big fat jolly policeman literally lifted me up in the air and told me: 'Too many drunk people boy, you scared, you go back to your ship'. I didn't know what to do with my 'funny money' and saw an old man selling necklaces made out of tiny seashells. Probably for a few pennies. So I bought one and gave all the money I had on me and ran away. Something to do with his dignity made me take the necklace.

I sometimes think about that man as he looked as if God Himself had plonked the money in his old hands! So I did a 'good' deed because I was scared! And because the Suez Canal was closed, I went around the Cape and through the Panama Canal! I impersonated God for a few seconds.

This is why I take a few Centuries 'away' view of the world.

Imagine how Europe would be today if we hadn't had the Plague and a few extremely 'culling' wars between the Tribes.

We'd think of something. Something nasty to fill our belly.

Only in times of peace did the cavemen do their paintings.

Same today.


I agree, the craziness is everywhere and it never ends! Great article :-)