pen and paper.

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Invitation to Armidale Art Gallery on 5 April 2008

I crushed my pen very early in the piece. I had a typewriter when I was about 10 years old. Impersonal they said. Suddenly Parker ballpoint pens were the go. We'd buy ten Parkers in Abadan, Iran, at the Armenian shop and then we'd swap them at Cairo Airport for daggers and/or a camel chair! All pastel coloured Parker Ballpoints.
I wrote about 6 letters a week and kept a dairy.

Then we had Faxes. I could still draw away and use my hand.

Then we had e-mails. Took some time to get used to. So impersonal. Like the mobile phone also changed so many things. Now you don't ask: 'How are you?', but: 'Where are you?'.


I get a mail on Facebook, for everybody to read.

I hate it. Still don't know my way around facebook. Who are the Wayn & Pete bro's I get mails from?

Hardly anybody e-mails me now.

Here is the invitation to my show. We 'made' it yesterday.

A few more nights sleep then the everlasting rail trip. Leave Tuesday morning and arrive in Armidale Thursday morning at 3.45. I am looking forward meeting all the old friends.