Day Three on the green painting.

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Interpretation of Green painting stage 2.  
The green painting is playing up. When I realized it was the same tree as the 'Burning Tree' it seems a little pathetic. It's big and fat and smelly and a loser... It looks at me in a provocative way. In fact, it's giving me the shits as I hang it when I am not working at it on the wall in the sitting room. So I tend to stare at it and it stares back, I swear!

But I still see the sitting man and also a dark and deep cave can be visited.

I did do a few green leaves in the right top hand corner. A bit piddly come to think of it. Tomorrow I'll have a deep and meaningful with the Tree and... don't know yet. Still think it a big fat smelly stump squashing an innocent man.

Wallaby with Work One and cousin.
(Walter Tabui Jr. Wallaby) with Work One and his cousin Lavinia Pitt. Photo by Clemens Vermeulen)

But then the little son of the Prince and a cousin came by and wanted to paint. So they did and it was lovely to see the two going for it. But in a way it is interesting to see we all have the same little problems when doing a painting. Whatever age we are.