Three Trees at Sunset

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'Three Trees at Sunset', acrylic on canvas, 1200x1200.
I know it is a tree again but I had this 'three trees' stuck in my face so I just did it, again. I'll get back to the 'Secret Meetings' or 'Angels Falling off the Edge of a Cliff'. Crawl back to the Pre-Raphaelites.

I spend a lot of time walking outside in the garden where I can work in the warm sun. I see the unbelievable beautiful colours of the sky and the big trees doing a silhouette. I know it's a little allegorical but then it simply IS beautiful.

When I was a student at the Royal Academy in The Hague somebody wanted me to meet this (famous) poet and his wife who had been friends with Piet Mondrian, our hero. We were expected to admire him as the Great Artist of that century. I loved his 'old' work too, but didn't say too much. Not the 'hip' thing to say then. He painted trees along the Gein river near Abcoude.

Anyway, he was walking with this lady, the lady who was treating me like a poor hungry student, in Paris around 1935. He saw something very beautiful and remarked that to her. 'But, Piet, you just told me beauty is immaterial, not spiritual enough'. He had just become a little involved with Madame Blavatsky, the Theosophist. Piet Mondriaan answered:'Oh yes, beauty is nothing'. And he walked on to New York where he died in 1944 at seventy something.

I loved the academy. The late sixties. Rembrandt's 'Night Watch', our teacher Ootje Oxenaar told us,'should be cut up and made into place mats'. 'Ja Meneer Oxenaar'.