The Blues

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Les at work

'The Blues', in progress.I started this the other day and then it rained. I thought: I want to paint humans and trees. When I started Lenny the kid wanted to help. I want a few figures but will build it up slowly. I know: the Tree is there.

My friend and colleague Roeland Zijlstra (click) does many portraits, something I have always been afraid of. To have an actual human sit or stand in front of you and wait to see the result is scary. Did I do his dick ok?
Roeland has told me over the years to just do it. So will I paint recognizable figures in or around the tree? Think not yet.Anyway, I've run out of pink.

Last night on the BBC news they showed us people huddled in temples around Burma. To think so often over the centuries the temple, church, synagogue or mosque is the place of safety. No wonder they were built with strength. Sure they don't need a painting.
We used to sleep or 'do an over night' in Rangoon on our way to Jakarta.

Had my usual threats from Facebook writers. IF I don't send something on I will suffer pains in seven days. And don't forget the sender wants proof! And a KISS and a COFFEE and don't forget the POKE.

I cannot get you to send my page on? I was voted TRUSTWORTHY by two people.