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Back from Sydney I wanted to 'stitch' a figure. I never liked hard materials like stone or diamonds, even clay and bronze are hard and heavy. In the seventies I wanted to make the 'Twelve apostles', a group of figures in their burial clothes. I ordered a tonne of clay and started molding these figures on a table. Life size. Then for more precise shapes I'd cut with a knife parts of the clay body into whatever I wanted it to be. 'Arrival', sketch, in progress. Now I sketch on a bed sheet, more guessing than anything else and start by sewing together the bits and bodies. Having lived in Portugal surrounded by marble mines and hence a few sculptors forever smoking their pipes while belting the living daylight out of a piece of Michaelangelo, I asked these guys 'Arrival arriving', photo by Clemens Vermeulen. to find some footings for my babies. If you are interested please click this button and I'll show you my shocking Ladies. And their foot bases. Cut, stitch and dip in paint and sun dry. I knew I was back in the Tropics. I will add to this bit 'till I am happy. With sculptures, and I am a painter, I must have the classical imagery piled up somewhere. The beautiful marble footings. Also I like it to have a pole to lean against and imagine it standing on a polished desk in a swanky office, the Oval Office, why not? Too big maybe? Don't laugh, a US president always had 'Man on Horse', by a famous American artist, in the background. He also was that actor's favourite artist. The cowboy, cannot think of his name. Croaky voice and he died of smoking too many cigarettes. Not Clark Kent but... Wells Fargo comes to mind and I think he was President of the Rifle association in the States. The artist was Harry Jackson. I remember the actor: John Wayne. We'll see where this baby takes me. Watching the news on BBC or SBS I feel I am witnessing something very 'big'. Not only are we hearing about credit crunches, oil prices and now the insane attack on Georgia by the Russian Republic.The Olympic Games In China. Is our planet Earth rumbling its bowels? Do too many pipes run through Georgia? I'll stick to my work. Clemens had read somewhere a dog needed a new home. We went to pick him up. He is one year old and has English Springer blood and a very boisterous black and white, full to the brim of energy pup. He came with the name Angel. Michael Angelo? phb