Does tidiness kill art?

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Detail of 'Tinnitus' by Jeremy Bakker.
A week ago I was writing to my nephew Jeremy Bakker about things. Things and rings: art in general and art specifically haunting his mind.

His own work.

Like so many things when it comes to the visual arts, it IS in the eye of the beholder. Jeremy had a show in Melbourne not so long ago at the Bus gallery. There he showed a few works that needs a little insight into his mind. I needed to explain how I felt about it. A little explaining.Here to the left gray lines or constant abrubt stops with:nownownownownownow...

Now what is this dizziness about collecting Full Stops and a bowl full of reproductions of Belly buttons

My mind is often so open when it comes to looking at art it doesn't really come to conclusions. I saw a piece of Jeremy's where at first I see grayish lines. Oozing down? Get closer and you see you can read the lines because he has built them up by writing time after time the word 'now'. (Click on image to enlarge)

Clemens had a political view of Jeremy's work. It makes you realize how often we are confronted with so many things. So many times we must register: OK, filed in brains. Again and again.

I was more thrilled because I didn't understand it. It fascinated me and that is great. My dirty mind was ticking. Can you smell them? Full stops? But I understand it many times more because of an experience I have had here in Cairns.

With Angelo, our super dog, we walk twice a day in an adjacent park. As two gentlemen we carry a plastic bag with us for the dogs poo, but to come home with more than poo is surely a better feeling. So we have an extra bag full of plastic bottles, empty cigarette packets, half a teddy bear and bottle tops. Red bottle tops. Blue bottle tops. White, yellow, green and even gray bottle tops. I found myself looking forward to the walk not only because of the obvious but also the expectation of finding more bottle tops to add to my growing collection. A 'THREE-SOME', three red coca-cola tops.

Back at home. Dog flopping down somewhere and me going outside to add the new tops to my collection. Now more than thirty five.
Black and White figures, mixed media, in progress.
In my outdoor studio I am working at the moment on two figures. Two bodies stitched up from cloth and stuffing. Made with garbage? I arrive there in my studio, after that exhilarating walk with a obsession for bottle tops. Plastic bottle tops. Now I want to somehow add the tops to the bodies. Or not.

The 'white lady' is cheeky. From one side she is the doting mother. From the other side she is a personification of a lustful woman.

The 'black bodies' are more a happy go lucky group where someone is squeezing some other body's but.

Today we came back home with only rubbish. One empty packet of Winfield Blue(light) and a tent pole. Nature has given me enough as far as the arty farty things.

This morning only three bottle tops. And only one red one. The Coca Cola one. Only seconded by the Sprite blue ones.

But it is today Thursday 4th September 2008 and we are going for a walk NOW.

Let's see what we find.