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Today the 2020 summit ended and I tell you: it made me, again, proud to be Australia.
Kate Blanchett and Kevin Rudd and Kate Blanchett and Baldy Locks' Garret XXXXX,Kate Blanchett and me. If only, I love that actress.She reminds me of Suze.

But the bottom line is we need each other to move, anyway. Up or down, straight or crooked. I would not be such a happy painter if I hadn't had help. Some body gave me a 'piggyback'.

Sitting here, very contented because I finished a presentation book for Kickarts here in Cairns, I'm trying to think of all the significant 'Piggybacks' I have had.

Of course I can stick to a particular area, like the arts, health, love and lust, housing.So what was the most memorable 'Piggyback'?

I need time to think.I do know , I think, but maybe too personal?

I made the little figure/doll of an old piece of sheet, the pink pig was made by China.

I love making little figures. It must not be neat and tidy. It must not look too serious,