Saatchi Online

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I was dreaming green. Green, Tropical Green. I have a show at NERAM, New England Regional Art Museum, in 2009. So I started thinking and the 'little creatures' will be sorting things out. Before you know it I'll have all the work done. Must talk to Jeremy Bakker, my nephew and fellow artist.

I will not talk about 'so big' and 'internet' etc., but I accidentally landed on the Saatchi Online site and joined up. It breathes such a sympathetic ambiance. I have always admired the Saatchi Family. My nephew Dave Shirlaw works for Saatchi here in Sydney. Or did at least. Also in London and S.Fransisco he worked for them.

Anyway, have a look. Clemens stuck a stick on thing in the row with galleries/catalogues/about etc. or click here!.

The Saatchi Gallery