Who do I want to share my 'Island' with?

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Often I have this little fantasy: Who would I like on my 'Island', this imaginary place in the middle of the Atlantic, south of the Azores but north of Madeira. Well, NOT Mondrian. Nor Vincent van Gogh, not (even) Gauguin. Self obsessed bloody ego maniacs.

Mondrian died all alone of the flue because nobody dared to bother the 'Master' because he was creating. I must say his last works loosened up a little. Boogi-woogi something time. I think it would be practical if I shared the pillow with that 'person' in my imagination. Saves washing clothes. But I must have boxes of paints and reams of paper. Oh yes, and AUSTAR.
'Grey Tree' by Piet Mondrian.
Composition No. 10. 1939-42. Piet Mondrian. Oil on canvas. 80 x 73 cm. Private collection.
Piet Mondrian: 'Grey Tree' on left and 'Composition 10' on the right.