So Big... Amazing

Printer-friendly versionSend by emailIt is frightening how BIG things can be. Like the Internet. A few billion web/net sites. I could sit in a stadium during a football match and possibly know nobody. I can go to the web and find so many people I know. But there must be a common link. Just for fun I tapped on Google my brother-in-law's name: David Woodley-Page and he was mentioned many times. I wrote in this blog space the name: 'Jeremy Leidstar' and on Google his name appeared in a few things, including a listing for my web site/blog.
How do these things work? Don't tell me, I wouldn't understand. If you took a photo of my brain, as on my web sites (have a look, move your mouse over the above image and it will start glowing! Click it to send me an e-mail. Go on, click! Thanks to Peter Meerman and Henny Hinten for the 'brain' Flash file). You will not see it, but I miss a part of my brain for sure. I have NO 3D perception nor know my left from my right! If you look in the mirror wearing a T-shirt with a number or letter on it, you'll see it mirrored yet, when I touch the mirror with my right hand, it still touches the 'right hand' in the mirror. Where does my thinking go wrong? Click to read the rest When I was just married and very young I had about 25 driving lessons. The day the instructor told me; 'Give up, you'll never learn', was a very happy moment in my life. I still do not drive and still am amazed in a car. I am often amazed. I remember being in the pyramid at Gizeh, in the burial chamber. An empty space with a huge stone receptacle for the long lost Pharaoh's body. Behind me stood a man, an English man if I am correct, and he started to pee!!! The space gave him claustrophobia. Amazing. I was on a ship with a German guy and every time he finished reading a book he threw it overboard. Amazing. I remember walking into the kitchen to find my partner licking her plate clean. The angel had been in a Japanese concentration camp on Java. Amazing. Traveling with Bert Haaitsma we met 'The Maestro Magnifico', as we were told to address Salvador Dali. When I shook his hand, it was a damp and limp experience. Amanda Lear was the Hostess and she was a man, I think. Miss World 1957, a Norwegian lady, was his 'Procurer'. She drove around Cadaques in Dali's white Cadillac picking up people to introduce. Pink Champagne. Amazing. Going to the Supermarket, Woolworths, whatever, I stare at overweight people. Specially if they are chewing something. Amazing. Wake up in the morning alive. Amazing. I knew a man, a carpenter in Portugal, who had lost his face. No ears or nose. He had lost it in Africa. Napalm. He was so positive and happy. He'd stick on his little fake plastic nose for a photo with a naughty smile. Amazing. When I was living in Terena, Portugal, I was reading a book by Laurens van der Post. Down the one and only street in my village a stranger came to me. The locals always told any stranger to go to Senhor Paulo's house. I offered the man a cool spot to rest and have a drink. He was a Dutchman, very involved with Rudolf Steiner and had visited Laurens van der Post in London. He told me he wanted a swim first. Then we would see. He never came back. Was it a dream? Amazing. After circumnavigating this planet many times I end up sharing a house and life with Clemens, who was my 'bestest mate' when I was 7. Both of us travelled gone through the Suez Canal many times. Amazing. So where is this 'common link'? I remember once, not so good a time, just broke up a relationship with PSM and was killing time in Lisbon, waiting for a plane, I got lost and felt even more lost and ended up following a blind man helping an invalid man walk around. But I snapped out of that and jumped in a cab and waited at the airport. But not amazing. I can finish a painting. Wash my hands and look at it. It still gives me often that feeling: Amazing. The 'State of Amazement' gives me a feeling that I can learn to understand much more. While in the state of amazement you are open to impulses from outside. On the island of S.Miguel, Azores, in Ponta Delgada, we had caves. Caves closed to the public. A tobacco company, Casa Ben Saud, used the caves to dry their produce. An Englishman wrote a book: The Azores(1957ish Faber&Faber?) and mentions he saw, physically saw, at the end of the cave stood a huge stone slab with the 10 commandments engraved on it. It was many Centuries old and S.Miguel was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his way back home. Tell that to the Mormons. Amazing. So what am I to do? Do I still want to seek amazement? No. If you gave me a return 1st class ticket to anywhere on Earth I wouldn't have a clue as to where I'd want to go to. I'd rather have an ice cream, I think. But I still want to paint many paintings. Not paintings as things on a canvas or paper but things that are extensions of me, my soul or whatever. If I wipe the kitchen table clean and it has ants running around I often think: 'Shit, I have wiped away a few generations and little baby ants will be waiting in vain. So many lost paintings. Amazing. Mobiles, Ipods, computers, tv, cars, pyramids, lost faces, Germans, ants. all amazing. Never stops. phb.