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absolutism and destiny

'Meetings', mixed media on paper, 700x500.There was this program on tv about some singer. A young blond skinny woman at the piano in 1970. A few faces I know passed the screen, a few Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young types.(amazing, my computer just corrected the spelling of the name of one of the singers I mentioned.Amazing!!!)And Google told me the name of the blond singer: Joni Mitchell.

Anyway, it took me back when I went to England, from Holland. I was a student at the Royal Academy, and we pitched our tents in Chrystal Palace Park, London.We saw Sonny and Cher sing:'That's you, babe'. Went to a cellar where Mick Jagger also appeared, they said. We, and that is also amazing, are Clemens, his brother Jos Vermeulen and Bert Haaitsma. Now, on the other end of an Era, not only sharing my life with Clemens, I also still have connections with the others.

And we saw Lulu try to sing. Lulu still is trying to sing.

But as we all think every so often:

'What if I had not gone that day' the consequence would be NOW I am writing this NOW. Every step, every split second changed would have a reaction but ALWAYS ends me writing , and I haven't stopped until the rays fit the picture.


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