The Great Wall

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Self portrait 'Bundle of Nerves'

You know, on average, I get about 5 or 6 letters via Funnyface and/or Bookgiggle with the promise that IF I send a particular letter on to at least 7 people I will be saved or happier than I am now.

If I don't laugh at something I am in danger of losing the plot. I must read every day what is on my Wall. Fun- or Super-. Does everybody read my wall or is it my wall only for me? Like a prisoner in his prison.
If I don't send a drink back, am I rude? An alcoholic? Cheeky puss! Or will the child die because I am slack! How do I live with myself? If I don't do something somebody might not smile.

What is this lonely collective thing we are all doing. All sending quick fleeting messages to as many people as possible. From THREE people I get identical funny photo's, things not to miss and things that will bring me eternal happiness as long as I send 'IT' on to more victims.

My exhibition in Armidale was canceled at the last minute. Some confusion and an e-mail not received on my side. 'The letter must have gotten lost in the Post'. Impossible with internet. She might have sent it to my Wall.
Simple human confusion. All I think of is: 'I'd still be in the train another 14 hours...'. '13 hours'. '12 hours'. '11 hours'. '10 hours'.

Must read my fifty messages and fifteen gates to be opened to enter Heaven. Or not.

If a God could squeeze the Earth like a sponge what would the liquid drop consist of that came out?

Hi, I am Paul and I am............