what we see

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Tripodman, interpretation of a photo by Clemens VermeulenTalking about RorschauTripodman  photo by Clemens VermeulenWhen I walk around I am aware people look. Look at each other or at things. Some people stop and turn around to look at a pretty woman walking down the street or a pretty car shining away.

When I was a teenager, like so many others, I had to see a psychologist and he made me look at inkblots. The Rorschach test. I knew what I saw but shyness made me say Butterfly after butterfly. And my friends had the same experience. They didn't always say what they saw.

I nearly always see the human figure in things. I have shown before on this blog the interpretation of a reflection. On the 5th of April I have a small exhibition in Armidale, NSW, and will no doubt be 'interpreted' by the onlookers. And that is wonderful. Even a smile will do.